Guity Novin (née Navran; born 1944) is an Iranian-born Canadian painter and graphic designer. She classifies her work as "transpressionism" , a movement she introduced in Ottawa in 1994. Her works are in private and public collections worldwide, and she has served on a UNESCO national committee of artists. According to Pantheon project that uses biographical data to expose patterns of human collective memory, Guity is among the 1428 most renowned world painters of all time.

Guity graduated from the Girl's College of Fine Arts with an honours diploma in 1965, she was admitted in the Faculty of Decorative Arts in 1970 and received her BA in graphic design. She exhibited her works at individual shows at Negar, and Sayhoon galleries, and In addition she participated in numerous group exhibitions such as the Women artists exhibition during Asian Games of 1974, and participated with the artists of Salon d' automn of Paris in an international exhibition inaugurated by president Jacques Chirac, then the Prime Minister of France.

Guity was employed as a graphic designer in the Department of Graphic Arts at the Ministry of Culture and Arts (MCA) in Tehran, in 1970. She also began to design the cover of magazines like Zaman, and various literally periodicals such as Chaapar, and Daricheh. Her works were published in Le Carnaval de la licorne (2001), and her painting Pears in Blue was published in Abnormal Psychology.

She moved to The Hague, Holland in 1975, exhibited her works at Noordeinde and followed her studies at Vrije Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten. In 1976 she relocated in Manchester, England where she continued her studies and exhibited at Didsbury. After successfully entering a U.K.-wide competition for exhibiting at London's E.C.A Exhibition at the National Theatre in South Bank she migrated to Canada in 1980. In Canada Guity Novin has exhibited at Galleries in Kingston (Brock), Ottawa (Trillium, and Artex), Montreal (Sherbrooke), and Toronto (Christopher Hughes, One of A Kind). In a series of exhibition since 1996, she has inaugurated Transpressionism, which is described by Paula Pieault-Stein as "a new movement in paintings that transcends beyond Impressionism and Expressionism styles" and which "awakens a sagacious insight bearing on the inner world of appearances" [The Globe and Mail, 11 Feb. 1996].

Vancouver period, 1996 to present

Novin moved to Vancouver in 1996. From 1996 onwards in a series of shows, she called her style as Transpressionism, and viewed it as a new initiative in art. Solo shows in this period include The Bliss of Solitude (2004), And Yet the Menace of the Years Find, and Shall Find, Me Unafraid (2006), Whispered of peace, and truth, and friendliness unquelled (2007), 'She opened her door and her window, And the heart and the soul came through" (2008), and "but love is the sky and I am for you, just so long and long enough" (2009) (All at North Vancouver Community Arts Council, "Art in Garden").She also participated in a number of group shows, including two shows at the Ferry Building Gallery in 2006 and 2008, and in the CityScape gallery in 2009.

Graphic design work

Novin has illustrated the covers of magazines like Negin and Zaman; and the publications of the Free Cinema of Iran. She was also the graphic designer of the First Tehran International Film Festival. In Ottawa her illustrations were published in the Breaking The Silence Magazine during the 1980s. Guity Novin's online textbook A History of Graphic Design is used as a textbook in many graphic design faculties of the world and has more than 3.5 million readers by 2021.